Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Slip Slop! Nobody cares. Hillary Clinton just fell down the stairs
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_____ I’M AN INDIAN TOO _____

Like the Seminole, Navajo, Kickapoo
Like those Indians
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

Just like Battle Axe, Hatchet Face, Eagle Nose
Like those Indians
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

Some Indian summer's day 
Without a sound
I may hide away
With Big Chief Hole-in-the-Ground

And I'll have totem poles, tomahawks, pipes of peace
Which will go to prove
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

With my chief in his teepee
We'll raise an Indian family
And I'll be busy night and day
Looking like a flour sack
With two papooses on my back
And three papooses on the way
Like the Chippewa, Iroquois, Omaha
Like those Indians
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

Just like Rising Moon, Falling Pants, Running Nose
Like those Indians
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

Some Indian summer's day
Without a care
I may run away
With Big Chief Son-of-a-Bear
And I'll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats
Which will go to prove
I'm an Indian too
A Sioux
A Sioux

~ Irving Berlin (1888-1989)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Rocket Man's Dream? D'RAT's Nightmare?

Need we say more?

And Then We Have

of the 

All that's missing here is the EGG on Mueller's face

Sunday, March 4, 2018



Martn Luther

Hen/ry VIII


John Locke

Thomas Jefferson

Charles Darwin

Eli Whitney

We have seen the emergence of a new form of ORTHODOX RELIGION from the depredations of Marxism and its hideous derivatives.

As Farmer John once quoted long ago, "Meet the new boss. He's the same as the old boss.”

It was never particularly “Christo Fascism,” (Theocratic Tyranny), Monarchism, “Naziism”(Fascism), or "Communism" (Marxism) against which we've periodically rebelled, because all those things are essentially the SAME: TOTALITARIANISM, DESPOTISM, TYRANNY, AUTHORITARIANISM in dfferent guises in front of different sets with different titles and different "buzzwords." 

Every few generations a NEW set of ruthless, politically ambitious sophists works its wiles to persuade the masses the NEW brand of sophistry they are promoting can provide the means of ESCAPE from the present mode of established authority.

And so it has gone throughout history …

See-Saw by fang and claw
Jack shall gain a new master
He'll earn less than a penny a day,
Because he has fought for Disaster.

Poor "Jack" –– i.e. "Everyman" –– can never get out from under no matter what Pied Piper he chooses to follow. All Jack can do is periodically DESTROY the status quo, then find himself –– IF survives the debacle –– back in Square One.

Or as the Pennsylvania Dutch quaintly put it:

“The farther ahead I go, 
the behinder I get.”


Karl Marx

Sigmund Freud

Josef Stalin

Adolf Hitler


Harry S. Truman

Ronald Reagan

Steve Jobs


Monday, February 26, 2018



He has much to say that should interest you, but you must be patient while he explains his point of view in a rambling,  informal, 
but very serious style.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

WHAT to DO  about 

a few suggestions

2.   ADMIT "What's done is done and cannot be undone." Stop even DREAMING of TRYING to deport those who've ESTABLISHED THEMSELVES HERE and are WORKING for a LIVING. [What happened at the Chicago bakery (see above) is a TRAVESTY, It us UNGODLY, INDECENT and a PERVERSION of the SPIRIT of the LAW.]
3.   END CHAIN MIGRATION IMMEDIATELY with no ifs ands or buts.
4.   CONCENTRATE SOLELY on ROUNDING UP and  SUMMARILY EXPELLING the VIOLENT CRIMINALS and the WELFARE BUMS PERMANENTLY with an automatic LIFE SENTENCE at HARD LABOR with no hope of parole for those who defy the edict.
5.   Declare proponents of SANCTUARY CITIES or STATES to be guilty of INSURRECTION. Have them summarily REMOVED from OFFICE, ARRESTED and IMPRISONED indefinitely.
6.   OFFER GENEROUS INCENTIVES to people of ALL kinds DEPENDENT on PUBLIC ASSISTANCE in exchange for submitting to female TUBAL LIGATION and male VASECTOMY. In plainer language, "You get Welfare, Babycakes, you ALSO get STERILIZED. PERIOD! –– TAKE IT or LEAVE IT. NO EXCEPTIONS."
      All that might not SOLVE the problem, but it WOULD take us several BIG STEPS in the PROPER DIRECTION.
       I am not trying to say that any of this is POSSIBLE, –– given the tenor of the times, if probably isn't –– but DRACONIAN MEASURES of SOME KIND are certainly in order IF we are to maintain any hope at all of saving the USA from becoming part of the TURD WORLD. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

What Mueller indictments mean for Trump, Democrats — and Facebook

by Editorial Board 
New York Post
February 18, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment Friday of a Russian “troll farm” and 13 foreign nationals leaves little doubt Russia was working to undermine US democracy. But the filing also knocks the teeth out of the “collusion” claim.

That is, the charges are a strong sign that there’s nothing to Democrats’ charge that Team Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Mueller confirms that the trolling entity, the Internet Research Agency, used fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter to spread disinformation, sway public opinion and promote rallies. The “strategic goal” was “to sow discord in the US political system.”

Indeed, IRA began meddling as early as 2014, more than a year before anyone thought Donald Trump would run. And though it began favoring him and bashing Hillary Clinton in mid-2016, it seems clear that was simply because she was the clear favorite — and thus the one to slam to promote that “discord.” Indeed, Mueller’s team notes the trolls also promoted Bernie Sanders — and, after the election, pushed both pro- and anti-Trump rallies.

Yes, the operation was outrageous. But there’s scant evidence it made much (if any) difference in the 2016 results — which, again, makes sense if that wasn’t the goal. It appears Russia didn’t even target key states in the general election.

Nor (though Mueller didn’t weigh in on the point) is it clear if even a single person who might’ve seen the propaganda changed his or her voting as a result. (So much for Clinton’s excuse that Moscow caused her defeat.)

As for Dems’ greatest wish, proof of collusion to justify President Trump’s removal, Mueller’s indictment also falls far short. The closest it gets is its allegation that the defendants, posing as Americans, “communicated with unwitting individuals” tied to the Trump campaign. But it makes no charges that any of them knowingly took the bait.

Mueller isn’t finished, of course; maybe he’s sitting on evidence against Trump. But there’s an excellent chance he’s got nothing — that his indictments so far are just the result of his thoroughness and that he’ll wind up clearing the president.

Collusion has always seemed unlikely, with no evidence yet to emerge, 15 months since the election. Even anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, who’d been involved in the pre-Mueller probe, was reluctant to join Mueller’s team because “there’s no big there there.”

It’s past time to start facing the real issues: Facebook has to own up to its failure to realize (or to care?) how it was being used.

Trump, meanwhile, needs to stop downplaying Moscow’s meddling, and respond more seriously. And Democrats should get ready to admit that their smears against the president were just that.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Up the crag in 
the screaming wind
Naled and bleeding 
I fought blind.

Then I moved 
towards the Eye of the Sun
Past the Cromlech 
I found a gun.

Then I strayed 
in the cities of men.
In the home of my love 
I found a pen.

And yes this IS a response to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in a Florida High School. Can YOU spot 
the connection? 

... ____________________ ...

Hllahog skating on thin ice held up by Robert Mueller